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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What World War II US Navy Ships Looked Like and a Brief Glossary

In order to have a better understanding of the battles in the World War II era, it is necessary to have a reference point in what the US Navy ships looked like and their functions. I will be describing these battles in future posts, so this page can be bookmarked. These diagrams were originally included in Navy manuals and it was every enlisted man's responsibility to be able to recognize them on sight. Additionally, the included brief glossary provides definitions and basic functions of US Navy ships.


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Battleships-Supported aircraft carrier groups and bombarded land installations.
Carriers- Fighter planes and bombers took off from the decks of aircraft carriers to target enemy ships and land targets. Light carriers, 30-40-planes; large carriers, 100 planes
Destroyers- Heavily armed warships
Destroyer Escorts-Brought troops, supplies, and planes to large ships.
Cruisers-Participated in shore bombardment, protected aircraft carriers, carried anti aircraft weapons.
PT Boats-(Patrol torpedo boats)-Ambushed barges and slow moving ships.
Submarines-Germans had early dominance in this fleet of vessels. They attacked enemy merchant shipping and provided surveillance of enemy ships and coastal installations.

These diagrams are in no way the most extensive compilation of what World War II US Navy Ships. There are countless official and unofficial websites, blogs, and military books devoted to this subject created by experts and history lovers. Again, each category of ship had a specific function and provided crucial support in defending the seas against the Axis powers.



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