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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Source:  Primus Collection
Dad as a teenager in his dress blues.

So Clifford returned home to his adopted state of Connecticut after his hometown visit with his family and James Huger. The nearest location to sign up to become a Marine is in Springfield, Massachusetts. He drew a mustache on his face to appear older. Springfield, Massachusetts is less than half an hour away by bus and is located on the Connecticut River. Springfield is known as "The City of Homes", and is the birthplace of Theodore Seuss Geisel. Children and grown ups everywhere know him as Dr. Seuss, and yes there is an actual Mulberry Street. Springfield has the real factory which is prominently featured in the Dr. Seuss' book on the environment, The Lorax.

Children's writer and cartoonist, Dr. Seuss

Do any of my readers watch basketball, specifically the NBA? Springfield, MA is the birthplace of basketball. A statue is dedicated to its creator, Joseph Naismith, in the Mason Hall neighborhood. The city is abuzz when a famous basketball player such as Michael Jordan is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, housed in the same city of its birthplace.


Finally, Springfield shares an international airport with Hartford, CT, and Springfield at one time was bustling with factories as well. My mom stated that she traveled to Springfield frequently and our family used to attend religious conventions at the Civic Center. (It is called something else now, I believe the Mass Mutual Center)

 Springfield, MA is where my dad signed up to be a Marine Recruit. He was ready to serve his country and wanted to make history.

Today, if you ask him his rank and serial number, at age 89 he is still able to recite it upon request.

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