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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Internationally Known Montford Point Marine

The majority of readers are from the United States. I have a loyal segment of readers from the the United Kingdom, and readers from the following countries:  Korea, Italy, France, Sweden, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, plus other countries. I informed my father, Montford Point Marine and Medal of Honor Recipient Clifford Primus, and he was amazed. He then inquired, "Is there anyone reading from Africa?"* I answered, "Not yet, Daddy, but I think I can make that happen." And my eighty- nine year old father became excited.

When I write these posts about life as a Montford Point Marine I am obviously using my dad as a Primary Source. Each day I learn something new, and he shares information with accuracy. For example, in one post I wrote about my father's boot camp swimming, test. He remembered almost drowning because the other recruits thought my dad was kidding around, due to his reputation as a jokester. The strong, one-armed swimmer from Detroit ended up saving his life, along with the swimming instructor.
Swimming training at Montford Point,
Camp LeJeune

The writing that I produce for this blog is done solely by myself. I do most of the editing and might have a friend check some posts and make suggestions. Since this is a historical blog, I have to take time to verify sources, and make sure that my information is easy to read, yet scholarly. I also have to be mindful of my international readers, since English is not their first language. I am also mindful of the fact that upper elementary, middle school and high school students will be using this information in their research.


Marines, military buffs, educators, and countless others I also count as readers, My blog has been reposted on another site and views are increasing. It is my hope that in the future that I will have guest bloggers, and I will be seeking an intern to assist me. Finally, I just discovered that I have a relative that was also a Montford Point Marine. I will be telling his story as well.

Many older Marine Corps books fail  to mention
 the over twenty thousand Montford Point Marines.
The US Marine Corps has now been very instrumental in
honoring these forgotten Marines.

*Unfortunately, many Western Cultures classify Africa as if it was one country, instead of a continent with over sixty countries, ethnicities, languages, civilizations, learning centers,and metropolitan cities. It is important to be specific and not view the continent as one monolithic culture.

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